Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Introduction

The Author: Me, A twenty-something working woman by day, struggling cook by night. I eat easy (Lean Cuisine pizza, anyone?), taste-good stuff (hence the blog name). Successful cooking endevors are currently something that warrant a phone call home (and a facebook status update).

The Critic: Husband of Me, he is a twenty-something who slaves every day at a job he hates (but pays the mortgage) and who, until recently, does 99% of the cooking that takes places in our house. The Critic is a self-proclaimed Picky Eater, who does not like : most vegetables, any sauces, cream cheese... the list goes on.

The Supporting Players: Cynthia, The Crock Pot. A 6-Quart programmable lovely who is slowly changing our lives with her very presence. Suddenly, I am a cook, and I don't even have to spend a lot of time touching the icky chicken!

The Deal: I am overcoming my fear of the kitchen and slowly teaching myself to cook. With the help of hours of Food Network and Cynthia, I hope to improve my confidence and add a few dishes to my repertoire.

Will this blog be any different than the other "come along for the ride as I learn to cook" blogs? Umm... no, probably not. But at least I'm honest about that, and I hope you will come back anyways.

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